Trading digital assets has never been so easy.

A user-friendly blockchain wallet that allows both experienced and novice traders to transfer digital assets directly to their own fiat wallet in just a few seconds. Open a free account in just a few minutes and invest 24/7.

Get started

All your digital investments in one place.

Buy, sell, exchange & hold the cryptocurrencies of your choice - anytime, anywhere.

All in just one Application.

Manage all your investments in the webapp or on the go with the CoreWallet Android app.

Get started within seconds

1. Register
Download the CoreWallet mobile app, use the WebWallet or the Corenetwork main page to register.

2. Deposit
Deposit money conveniently via PayPal, Netseller, bank account, ..and many more, to top up your fiat wallet.

3. Trading
Sell, buy, trade, send, receive digital assets around the clock.

Simple operation

CoreWallet was designed so that even beginners can seamlessly get started with our app. With a user defined dashboard you can easily keep track of your assets.


Transparent and easy to use trading market. New generation trading - directed asset directly into your crypto or fiat wallet. Trade in real time. Visit our crypto market.


If you want, you can also easily trade your digital assets for others, directly into your crypto wallet.


With every interaction you perform via the wallet, be it exchanging, buying, selling, receiving or the like, you are rewarded with automatic air drops included in the core main chain.


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